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Winner of 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition World Championship



Team Updates

Team 5499 competes at the FIRST Festival of Champions

Last week Team 5499 and Tsumugi travelled all the way from Berkeley, California to attend the FIRST Festival of Champions in Manchester, New Hampshire, a Super Bowl-esque event in which the champion alliances from the East (St. Louis) and the West (Houston) battled for glory. Team 5499, along with the other teams of the RedContinue reading →

Posted by Tre Miller

Team 5499 Cleans Up the Bay

On Saturday the Team attended the Berkeley Shoreline Beach Cleanup, hosted by the Shorebird Park Nature Center. Every time it rains, creeks and storm drains carry trash into the ocean. It then washes up on the shoreline, littering our beaches and damaging the surrounding habitats. As local, environmentally conscious teenagers, the students on Team 5499Continue reading →

Posted by Zoe McDonald

Tsumugi visits the San Mateo County Fair

Over the past week, the San Mateo County Fair had daily three hour “robot demos” in the technology section of the exposition hall where local FRC and FTC teams were able to talk with students and parents alike about their robots and the opportunities that FIRST had to offer. The Bay Orangutans are grateful toContinue reading →

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Reaching out to the Berkeley High School community

  Last week, Team 5499 attended the Berkeley High School Activism Fair organized by school leadership. The Team made it loud. The Bay Orangutans showed how much good could be done for the world through FRC, FIRST, and STEM in general. This was a great opportunity for the Team because, as a community team, it was not allowedContinue reading →

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