2018 Kickoff!


On January 6, the FIRST 2018 Power Up game was released. Over the next six weeks, teams have to build a fully functional robot that is able to complete the tasks and compete against others. The objective of the game is to stack cubes on tilting platforms in order to gain ownership which counts for points over time. Throughout the match, teams can deposit power cubes into the Vault to gain Power Ups which will affect how the match is played. The Power Ups allow alliances to claim ownership of one or more platforms and double your score for a set amount of time. In the last portion of the match, teams have to latch onto a narrow bar and climb off the floor. However, due to the limited space available on the bar, teams are encouraged to climb on each other to gain additional points.

For many teams, kickoff can be a daunting and confusing experience that gives way to a stressful build season. Teams 5499 and 841 hosted a joint kickoff at SunPower offices so more experienced teams could help rookies understand the rules, design, and game strategy. Members of teams were put into groups with a wide array of skills and backgrounds to discuss strategies and potential design. Groups were mixed with the emphasis of pairing more knowledgeable students and newcomers to FIRST, with the goal of helping rookie members.

One week into build season, Team 5499 has been busy prototyping and devising game strategy. We will be competing at the San Francisco Regional at Saint Ignatius High School from March 16-18. As well as the Silicon Valley Regional at San Jose State from March 29-31. Additionally, we will be attending the World Championship in Houston from April 19-21.

Link to 2018 Power Up game animation