What is FIRST?

FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology) Robotics Competition (FRC) is intended to, as the name suggests, inspire and recognize science and technology, but more specifically to do this by showing high school students how much can be accomplished through the uses of science and technology in robotics. The hope is that, along the way, participants gain real world experiences, not only in STEM, but also in nontechnical aspects of robotics such as outreach to their communities, especially to spark interest in future generations. FRC, much like other competitions put on by FIRST intended for other age ranges, is not all about robots.

2017 FRC Season

FIRSTSteamworks, stylized as FIRST STEAMworks, is the FRC game for the 2017 season. As in past games, two alliances of three individual teams and their robots compete on a field to score match points to win the game and ranking points to advance to playoff rounds. The game has a steampunk theme and teams are required to shoot wiffleballs which represent fuel into a simulated boiler which transfers the generated steam into an airship in the middle of the field. Each alliance has one airship, which they pressurize with steam from the boiler and load with plastic gears from the field in order to spin the rotors on the airship. At the end of the match, robots can climb and hang on team-supplied ropes (or standard ropes supplied by FIRST) attached to the airship for additional points. Bonuses and additional ranking points available to alliances for completing certain tasks further complicate the game. Read more on the FIRST 2017 Game Manual.

2017 Robot - Tsumugi

Size: 24 x 24 in

Weight: 56 lbs

• Front omni rear traction tank drive

• Off the floor gear intake

• Climber

The Blue Alliance


San Francisco Regional 2017

  • Semifinalists
  • Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors

Idaho Regional 2017

  • Regional Winners
  • Quality Award sponsored by Motorola Solutions Foundation

FIRST Championship Houston 2017

  • Roebling Subdivision Winners
  • Championship Winners

2016 FRC Season

FIRST Stronghold was the 2016 FRC game. The game was played by two alliances of up to three teams each, and involved breaching the opponents’ defenses, known as outer works, as well as capturing their tower by first firing "boulders" (small foam balls) at it, and then surrounding or scaling the tower using a singular rung on the tower wall. Points were scored by crossing elements of the tower's outer works, shooting boulders into the opposing tower's five goals in order to lower the tower strength, and by surrounding and scaling the tower. Read more on the FIRST Game Manual.

2016 Robot - Genasis

Size: 24 x 36 in

Weight: 120 lbs

• 8 wheel pneumatic tank drive

• Roller intake

• High goal shooter

The Blue Alliance


Central Valley Regional 2016

  • Ranked 29

Idaho Regional 2016

  • Quarterfinalists

FIRST Championship St. Louis 2016

  • Newton Division ranked 27

2015 FRC Season

FIRST Recycle Rush was the 2015 FRC game. As in recent years, the game was played with two alliances of three teams each. The goal for each alliance was to score as many points as possible by picking up and stacking "totes" (large plastic containers) on scoring platforms and topping these stacks with recycling containers and "litter" (pool noodles). Higher stacks scored more points. Totes and containers could be found on the field, while litter had to be thrown into the field by an alliance's human players. Read more on the FIRST 2015 Game Manual.

2015 Robot - Fetty Wap

Size: 42 x 28 in

Weight: 120 lbs

The Blue Alliance


Silicon Valley Regional 2015

  • Ranked 20th out of 57
  • Second highest ranked rookie team