Reaching out to the Berkeley High School Community


Sophomore Hanna Miller (left) and Junior Zoe McDonald (right) tell Berkeley High School students how they can get involved with The Bay Orangutans.

Last week, Team 5499 attended the Berkeley High School Activism Fair organized by school leadership. The Team made it loud. The Bay Orangutans showed how much good could be done for the world through FRC, FIRST, and STEM in general. This was a great opportunity for the Team because, as a community team, it was not allowed access to the school’s club fairs. This event, however, welcomed any off-campus groups which were in any way about doing good in the world. Students did a great job of connecting work they had done to elements of activism. The Team talked a lot about its non-STEM related service to the community as well as the value of the opportunities it brings to students, and its past outreach efforts to make these opportunities more accessible to underserved students. The Bay Orangutans also spoke of their plans to get involved with STEM-related endeavors at local elementary and middles schools in order to get students on track for fulfilling careers in STEM before they are pushed away from STEM via socioeconomic or cultural barriers. The Team was able to connect with dozens of prospective students as well as other service-based organizations such as the Elders’ Guild. Last Wednesday at Berkeley High School, technology really did bring people together.