San Francisco Regional 2018

Last week Team 5499 attended the San Francisco Regional competing alongside 40 of California’s most outstanding teams. Throughout the three day event our team worked together outstandingly in the pits, and on the field. Our ready-for-action robot, Silverback, along with our dedicated drive team carried us up the rankings to 5th by the end of qualification matches. We became alliance captains of the 4th seeded playoff alliance at the event. Thanks to our devoted scouting division, we chose Team 119 Deep Blue and Team 6036 Peninsula Robotics to compete alongside us. Our alliance advanced through four incredible quarterfinal and semifinal matches before being eliminated by the 1st seeded alliance. Despite our loss, Team 5499 received the Industrial Design Award, given for “form and function in an efficiently designed machine that effectively addresses the game challenge.” This event, graciously put on by team 5924, has once again inspired us to be the engineers, critical thinkers, and team players of tomorrow. Congratulations to the San Francisco Regional winners, Teams 973, 971, and 972 and thank you to our wonderful alliance partners for all their support.

This coming week we will be competing Silicon Valley Regional with over 60 other FIRST teams. As always this event will be open to the public so we invite you to come down from March 28th through the 31st. More event details here at cafirst, and to watch Team 5499 live visit our twitch page. See you all there!