Silicon Valley Regional 2018

This past weekend, Team 5499 competed at the Silicon Valley Regional in San Jose. We proudly competed against 59 other teams from Australia, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, China, Turkey, and the U.S. The FIRST Robotics Competition has brought our team closer to so many all from across the globe. Thanks to our pit crew, Silverback worked seamlessly and tirelessly through all of our qualification matches. When the time came for alliance selection, Team 5499 ranked 5th and became the captain of the 5th seeded playoff alliance. Our scouting division took diligent notes, and along with our strategists analyzed each and every team to properly weigh our pick list. After being declined twice, we picked Team 604 Quixilver and Team 1868 Space Cookies—and performed exceedingly well. We beat the 4th seeded alliance in quarterfinals and powered through two more hard-fought matches before becoming semifinalists. We would like to give our highest congratulations to teams 254, 973, and 2367 on becoming 2018’s Silicon Valley Regional winners. We would also like to give a huge thanks to Team 841 and to Team 6814 for assisting us with scouting during the event. We can’t wait to see you all at FIRST Championship Houston!