Sponsor Cover Letter

The Bay Orangutans compete in the international FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology) Robotics Competition (FRC) where high school teams from around the world build robots to compete against each other in a predetermined challenge that changes every year. They are currently the defending world champion out of over 3,500 teams world wide.

The Bay Orangutans are a fast-growing asset to its community. They provide local high school students with a unique opportunity for hands-on learning about engineering and business, subjects which they are not exposed to in school. In order to maintain their progress in future years, The Bay Orangutans are seeking to create partnerships with organizations who can support them financially or otherwise.  

As the organizers of FRC only provide minimal support to teams, teams must find other ways to sustain themselves financially. For most teams, their schools provide the majority of their resources while relationships with outside sponsors provide for their remaining needs. Due to the structure of The Bay Orangutans and the divergence of values between them and their previous host school, this funding scheme does not apply.

The only providers of resources for The Bay Orangutans are members, mentors, and sponsors. Competing in FRC is expensive and The Bay Orangutans are unable to provide for their basic monetary needs without help from sponsors.

Given The Bay Orangutans’ existing relationships with materials and machining sponsors, as well as their and existing resources, The Bay Orangutans’ most pressing need is funding for registration fees. The Bay Orangutans would love to have you as a partner in the coming years.

The Team’s expected costs for this season are as follows:

-          Registration fee for first regional competition: $5,000

-          Registration fee for second (travel) reg ional: $4,000

-          Registration fee for championship*: $5,000

-          Materials and parts for main and practice robot: $5,000

-          Tools and workspace development (drill press, hand drills, wrenches, etc.): $1,500

-          Prototyping materials (wood, plastic, etc.): $800

-          Marketing materials: $500

-          Student travel costs for travel regional: $5,410

-          Student travel costs for championship*: $6,610

-          Total: $33,820

*The Team is pre-qualified for the 2018 World Championship since it won the 2017 World Championship

If you’re interested or have any questions, we would be delighted to talk with you over the phone or via email about the material and tax benefits of sponsoring us.