Team 5499 Cleans Up the Bay

Rising junior Ely Feldsher collects trash at the Berkeley Marina. Photo credit: Katherine Tomashevsky

On Saturday the Team attended the Berkeley Shoreline Beach Cleanup, hosted by the Shorebird Park Nature Center. Every time it rains, creeks and storm drains carry trash into the ocean. It then washes up on the shoreline, littering our beaches and damaging the surrounding habitats. As local, environmentally conscious teenagers, the students on Team 5499 decided to take action to preserve the California coast.

After arriving at the nature center, we learned about the impact of plastic and other pollution on the environment. Trash collects in a patch of the Pacific Ocean called the North Pacific Central Gyre, and from there it is deposited on our shores and in the stomachs of marine animals. We then set out to the marina, where we walked along the shoreline picking up trash and recording data on what we found. As a team, we collected approximately 30 gallons of harmful debris, and we left the waterfront looking pristine.

The students on team 5499 remain committed to preserving our planet, and we know that we must do our part to make a difference. We hope to continue this tradition in the future.